Your marketing strategy plan can make or break your small business. If you have a poor understanding of your target market, you will have a difficult time determining their pain points and providing them with a viable solution. A solid plan needs to be in place so that your team has a blueprint to follow. It allows them to focus on their tasks and set objectives that contribute to the end result. Keep your customers in mind whenever you make your marketing strategy. This enables you to address their pain points with creative solutions.


Here are best practices when it comes to creating a customer-centred marketing strategy plan.


Concentrate on Value

Many customers do not think about what you do and the features of your products. What they remember is the value you gave them. Focus on giving your target audience value. Value can come in different forms such as money saved, satisfaction, time saved, delight delivered, and others. Instead of selling the features of your products, concentrate on the direct advantages it provides whoever uses them. Create a message that conveys this; doing so improves your conversion rate. Always include the value you can give customers when you measure the success of your small business.


Determine the Pain Points of Customers

Companies both big and small exist because they provide a solution to a pain point of their target customers. They offer savings, a specific answer to a question, they address a want in the market, or they address a need. Put yourselves in the shoes of your current or potential customers. Look at things from their perspective. This provides you with insights about their pain points. You can also ask them directly by conducting surveys and seeking feedback. Use the information you get to improve your services and products.


Avoid Hard Selling

People constantly receive advertisements whenever they use their phones, laptops or desktops. Some would use apps to block these. Stop selling to your customers, instead engage them and find ways to empower them. Publish content that provides useful information and answer to possible questions they might have. Use different types of content to broaden your audience. Consider using user-generated content to create a sense of community with your customers.


Learn to Delight

It is not all about conversions and making a sale; find ways to delight your customers with the services you provide and the content you share. Show your small business’ personality with funny and/or entertaining videos, memes, and social media posts. Self-deprecating humour works when don correctly. This allows you to connect with your audience and show a different side of your company.


Create a Community

Include creating a community in social media and other platforms when you make your marketing strategy plan. Create groups in social media where your customers can interact with each other. This also provides you with a platform to communicate with them directly. Get insights from your customers such as points for improvement and possible additions to your products or services.


These are some of the techniques you can use to make a customer-centric marketing plan. This approach enables you to connect with customers, delight them and convert at a higher rate. In case you need assistance with bookkeeping, we at Robookkeeper can provide affordable small business accounting services.