Product improvements provide you with an opportunity to boost brand loyalty and attract new customers. You might have missed some features or benefits you should have included in the launch of a product. The feedback and reviews you got from customers gave you insights you were unable to notice during the product development stage. In such cases, you can always improve on a current product and present an upgraded version to your customers.


What are the different ways to improve a product?


Improve Current Features

In some situations, you do not have to add new features to a product. You can improve the features of an existing product to satisfy customers or acquire new ones. You have options when you decide to implement this development strategy, which includes:

  • Increase Frequency – assess your product and identify which feature your customers can benefit from. They may be using it infrequently or not at all. In such cases, you will have to change their usage habits by making improvements. The changes you can make to increase frequency will depend on the type of product. For example, providing more options or suggestions whenever a visitor uses your site’s search tool. Another example, educating your customers on different ways they can use your product. Both examples can change the usage habits of your customers.
  • Deliberate Changes – one of the ways to improve a product includes making deliberate improvements on a feature that customers already love. Ask for feedback from users and learn more about why they like a product’s features. The information you get from them provides you with insights on how to add value to an existing product’s features. These can be small or major improvements such as increasing the size of a product if necessary, reducing workload, or improving efficiency.
  • Adoption – this strategy focuses on customers that do not use a particular product feature. They may not know about its advantages, or they simply overlook it. A tweak can change their behaviour towards it. The improvement can be as simple as changing the interface, simplifying navigation or making it available on other platforms. The feature improvements you make may not be felt by customers who already use it, but they may convert others.


Add New Features

This strategy is a major improvement that needs proper assessment before implementation. What if customers do not like the feature/s you would like to add? Reduce risk by asking the opinion of your customers. Create a survey with questions that includes:

  • What do they like about your existing product?
  • Would they want new features?
  • If their answer is yes, what kind of features would they like?

Those are just a few questions you can ask from your customers. Their answers can provide you with insights as to what features you can add to an existing product. Additional features may require a launch and education campaign. Doing so makes your customers aware about the improvements you have made.


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